[See the update at the end of the page]

Welcome to the Archives and Publication Cell of the Indian Institute of Science.

The Archives Cell was established in 2007, and became the Archives and Publications Cell in 2008 when its mandate was expanded to include a publications wing.

APC has several wings. The first is the IISc Archives with a mandate to collect, catalogue, and preserve all documents, photographs, and other articles of relevance to the Institute and its history.

The second is the Publications wing which coordinates and/or facilitates publication of The Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, books by the IISc Press, and in-house documents such as the Scheme of Instruction and the Institute directory.

During 2013-14, APC started an initiative in science communication and outreach. CONNECT, a bimonthly newsletter that is now a quarterly magazine, was started in January 2014, and has been received well by the campus community. In addition, two semester-long editions of a non-credit course in science writing were organized during the 2013-14 academic year. Its success has led to its transformation into a formal, one-credit course to be offered in six-week-long editions four times during the 2014-15 academic year.

Update (3 December 2019): 

For further information, please send a mail to: office.apc@iisc.ac.in

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