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IISc in the News: The Pins and The Beads

G.S. Mudur in The Telegraph: Tiny brass pins or a flock of birds. A story featuring recent research from Prof. Ajay Sood’s group.

In his physics laboratory, Ajay Sood watches hundreds of tiny brass pins spontaneously align themselves into flower-shaped patterns in experiments where he’s coaxed non-living matter to behave like flocks of birds flying in synchrony.

The millimetre-sized tapered pins, initially scattered in a disordered manner on a smooth metal surface, jump into action when the surface vibrates and align themselves within seconds into a highly-ordered pattern, as if each pin knows exactly where to go.

IISc in the News: Links

  1. The New Indian Express: ‘IISc’s Alumni are Global Achievers’. Papiya Bhattacharya interviews IISc Director, Prof. Anurag Kumar.

  2. Deccan Herald: IISc experts warn of more PES-like flooding. Besky Khanna cites work by Prof T V Ramachandra (CES) on the health of lakes in and around Bangalore.

  3. The Hindu: IISc, ISRO on Mission Monsoon. Divya Gandhi on a Prof. P.N. Vinayachandran’s (CAOS) project “to understand the processes taking place over the ocean, where most cloud formations happen.”

  4. The Hindu: IBM, IISc chip in for smart water management in city. Afshan Yasmeen and Divya Gandhi on a recent paper in Procedia Engineering entitled “Analytics Driven Water Management System for Bangalore City” co-authored by M.S. Mohan Kumar and U. Manohar (Department of Civil Engineering and Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transport and Urban Planning).

Connect (September 2014)


Volume 1, Issue 5 (September 2014)


In this issue of Connect, Maneesh Kunte explores the history of crystallography at the Institute, S. Vijaya tells us about the Centre for Infectious Diseases Research (CIDR), K. Suguna showcases the X-ray Diffraction facility on campus, now faculty introduce themselves, Karthik Ramaswamy tells us about the early stages of planning and construction of the Main Building, and Manu Rajan profiles researchers who have recently won awards. We also feature an interview with the well-known astrophysicist T. Padmanaban from the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), and much more.