APC has the mandate to establish an archive of documents, drawings, pictures, photographs, artifacts, and objects of relevance to the Institute and its history. We now have a collection estimated at over 200,000 documents, and we keep receiving many thousands every year. Over half of these documents have been digitized. The process of collecting, cataloging,
preserving and digitizing these documents is an on-going activity.

APC also hosts visiting scholars who wish to work with our collection for their studies of various aspects of the development of scientific research in India, in which the Institute has played such an important part.

Several times a year, APC organizes exhibitions focused on specific themes. A recent exhibition, for examples, were devoted to Prof. C.V. Raman’s life, and made use of archival material from both the IISc archives and those at the Raman Research Institute. Another exhibition was on the origin and development of the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (DESE) which is celebrating the 40th year of its founding as the Centre for Electronic Design and Technology.

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