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IISc in the News: Triple Slit Experiment, Hybrid Supercapacitors, Microneedles

G.S. Mudur of The Telegraph covers a recent paper in Physical Review Letters by Prof. Aninda Sinha (Centre for High Energy Physics) and his colleagues (at the Raman Research Institute): Indians attempt quantum clean-up – Experiment to right old error.

The second news story, by Hari Pulakkat in The Economic Times, covers Prof. A.K. Shukla’s research in the Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit: How IISc professor’s hybrid supercapacitor can store electricity & run electric cars in future.

The third story, in The New Indian Express, covers research from Prof. Rajanna’s group in the Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics: IISc Reseachers Invent Micro Needle That Stings Less.