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Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Science: One Hundred Years of Bonding

We are delighted to announce the launch of the exhibition entitled

Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Science
One Hundred Years of Bonding

Curated by Ms. Sowmithri Ranganathan of APC, the Exhibition features a display of rare archival photographs, equipment and memorabilia showcasing the evolution and growth of Chemical Sciences at IISc. We are pleased to have been able to run this Exhibition during the Eurasia-13, the 13th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences, which starts on the 14th of December 2014.

The Exhibition is now open at the Reception Hall in the Main Building of the Institute. It is open to the Institute community during 10:a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on all working days between the 12th and 31st of December, 2014.

IISc in the News: Triple Slit Experiment, Hybrid Supercapacitors, Microneedles

G.S. Mudur of The Telegraph covers a recent paper in Physical Review Letters by Prof. Aninda Sinha (Centre for High Energy Physics) and his colleagues (at the Raman Research Institute): Indians attempt quantum clean-up – Experiment to right old error.

The second news story, by Hari Pulakkat in The Economic Times, covers Prof. A.K. Shukla’s research in the Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit: How IISc professor’s hybrid supercapacitor can store electricity & run electric cars in future.

The third story, in The New Indian Express, covers research from Prof. Rajanna’s group in the Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics: IISc Reseachers Invent Micro Needle That Stings Less.